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Febrero 05, 2017

Trump isn't that different...

Although his political decisions appear to be revolutionary and disruptive, Latino, European, and Asian presidents have taken similar measures during their mandates.

María Isabel Magaña

María Isabel Magaña


In his first 20 days, President Donald Trump has shaken the national and international policy with decisions, comments in press conferences and even phone calls to international leaders. 


The Executive orders signed this first few weeks have shocked the world: from the mandate to build a border wall with Mexico up to the command to suspend the entry of Muslims coming from 7 countries, regardless of their visa status, have raised protests.


The controversy has been such that different judges have triggered legal procedures to stop these orders in a clear challenge to the authority of the President. Such is the decision taken by the federal judge James Robart, who issued an order of restriction national to block the ' Muslim Ban'.


However, to what extent are Trump’s decisions different from those that other Presidents have taken? Is he really the only that has ordered building a wall or deport immigrants?


For the Professor and macroeconomic analyst  Guillermo Valencia, "Trump exemplifies the ‘male alpha leadership’, which hopes for a populist, reformist, protectionist mandate with little environmental protection".

Such position, although controversial, is not far from the behavior of leaders like Erdogan (Turkey), Xi Jinping (China) or Vladimir Putin (Russia).


The comparative data analysis made by Datasketch between the political views of 26 heads of State shows that the differences are few in some aspects.


In the case of migration, President of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, and Trump share a similar vision. Although Macri says that Argentina is an open country, this year he approved a measure that toughens immigration control and accelerates the processes of deporting immigrants who have committed crimes in his country.


Such is the situation in Australia, were no immigrant or refugee has been received in the last two years but have been restrained in the island’s coasts.


The panorama doesn’t improve in the European  Union, where England and France are building a wall that divides the refugee camp from the highways that connect the continent with the island in an effort to stop illegal immigration.


Spain has also a triple fence which prevents African immigrants from accessing the territories of Ceuta and Melilla. In the Middle East, Israel continues with the construction of a wall that separates the Palestinian territory from the Jewish.


To analyze what similarities exist between Trump’s policies and the ones issued by other world leaders, click on the following visualization.




María Isabel Magaña

María Isabel Magaña


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